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The cost of a Home elevator is a crucial factor. As with all costs there are differences in the geographical loca


Home Elevator Price in India


The cost of a Home elevator is a crucial factor. As with all costs there are differences in the geographical location and recent trends in the economy that drive the price. The cost of installing home elevators in India can range from 5 lakhs to 60 lacs rupees dependent on the manufacturer location, the brand, and nature of the lifts.

I will discuss some of the factors that influence the price that an elevator will cost. The breakdown of the residential elevators for homes as below. All companies around the world cost their elevators based upon several aspects. The factors are:

The Aesthetics

Security procedures

Floors/stops number

The number of stops determines the number of doors and other equipment will be required in the lift. A typical rise in price could be anywhere from 1 lac to 5 lacs rupees for each floor. Lift companies all automatically consider the 3 meters of travel height for each floor. Anything above that and they will incur additional expenses.

Technology Lifts

In the past numerous kinds of elevator technology have made their way into in the Indian market. Some of the most well-known are Traction, hydraulic and screw drive.

Let’s take a look at the a look at these different types of technologies.

Home Elevator Technology


Traction lifts are commonly utilized in high and mid building structures.

It requires a pit and room for machines

Most often, they are used in commercial locations (Malls and offices, etc.)

Uses up lots of space in a home

It is necessary to construct an concrete shaft

To build a traction lift you’ll need pits ranging from 100 mm to 300 MM, with an overhanging machine room. The traction lift uses counterweights along the outside of the lift that allow it to lift and lower. You’ve probably seen an additional room on the highest point of a building, where a traction elevator can be installed. This room is known as the machine room. Depending on the size of the building, you can purchase faster or slower speed lifts. The more you speed up higher, the more expensive it will be.

Installing a traction lift inside a house or a villa is not the most sensible idea, since in a private residence scenario, having a pit and an area for machines is a an unnecessary use of space. Consider this the land you have in your region is worth about 35,000 rupees per Sq feet. Your machine took between 25 and 30 Sq feet to construct. Other systems use 30 percent to 50 percent less space.


  • No room for machines is required.
  • Space saving
  • They are typically installed in low-rise structures.
  • The tank for oil will need refilling nearly every year

Hydraulic equipment has been in use for quite a while, the invention of hydraulics was made in the 1800’s. In contrast to traction elevators, hydraulic lifts do not require an entire machine room. In simple terms, Hydraulic elevators have an oil-filled tank, and the oil pushes through the piston to cause the elevator to move up and then it releases the oil for the elevator to lower.

They’re space-saving when as compared to a traction lifting and can help you save up to 30% of the area. The hydraulic lift is able to be used up to a specific height. Different companies have different restrictions the hydraulic equipment they use.

Many hydraulic equipment is manufactured in India and others are imported. There are many Italian and canadian manufacturers that sell the kits in India through a variety of distributors and dealers.

  • Screw Drive Elevators:
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • It requires no machine room No pit, and has an own shaft.
  • Requires very little civil work
  • Energy consumption is low.
  • Maintenance less frequent

The technology of screw drives has been in use for nearly 100 years. It only recently it was introduced to India. People think that it’s something new but it’s actually not. The majority of Canadian firms are specialized in this type of technology.

Simply put it is an nut that spins on a screw, which moves the platform for the lift upwards and downwards. It’s an extremely simple process and does not require any rocket science. It will save you up to 60% of the space needed by the traction lift. It doesn’t require regular maintenance in comparison to other types of technology.

Let me offer you some prices, some might disagree or even think otherwise. The prices change each year, but it’s only to give you an idea.So here’s an outline of prices for various kinds of elevators on India. Indian market.


If you’re installing an elevator in a high-rise community or building, the builders do not think about how the lift appears they just want to go for the lowest priced one.

However, when you install a Home lift inside your home, you would like it to look great for when family and friends are invited to a party it should be a WOW effect. Today, lifts are available with a variety of options for design, you can pick from standard to high-end colors, the design within the lift including flooring, glass panels as well as the color of the lighting and so on.

 There is no limit to what you can do. Prices can go up to 50 lacs when you add on the visual appeal. As they say, individual style isn’t a price.

Safety Protocols

Safety protocols for a lift that is located in the high-rise of a commercial building, and one installed at a private residence is different. In India this is the main reason there is a liftman on every elevator. That way, there is no chance for children to play inside the lift, and it is operating correctly. In the home, there will not have a liftman to operate, therefore security features that you need to be aware of in the home lifts must include:

  • Safety of the Platform/Cabin
  • Door Safety
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Automatic rescue devices

What questions should you ask yourself prior to making a decision on the technology I should go with?

Are I planning to employ a lift driver at my house?

Do I want to have something secure for my elderly and children?

Do I need to try to save money on security issues?

National of Production

Lifts manufactured in Canadian brand and India are priced lower because the costs of labor are less in the manufacturing.

We are providing a Lift service in Surat , Ahmedabad, Pune , Mumbai , Bangalore

Canadian lifts cost more due to the fact that workers earn more in the country, and also because it must imported, so the prices will are inclusive of customs clearance, installations as well as transportation and expenses.

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Elevator Etiquette Tips

In an elevator being surrounded by a crowd of strangers can be an uncomfortable situation for a lot of people. People often don’t know where they stand or how to behave towards their fellow passengers. Here are some guidelines to guide you during the next trip in an elevator.

While waiting to get an elevator, place yourself in the direction of the door. This will allow people who are about to get off ample space to get out. Give everyone who is getting off to exit prior to boarding the elevator.

In the event that you get into an elevator, make sure you step to the rear and stand near the wall. The first spaces to be filled in are all four sides. Then, people need to fill that middle area of the elevator. If you’re taking the elevator to a higher floor ensure you are at the rear of the elevator to ensure that people getting off can get out quickly.

If you’re standing close to the buttons, you can help the passengers around you. Press your “door open” button until everyone is boarding and inquire about which floor they’ll be going to when they board. In the event that there’s a button on the sides left and right in the elevator a single person could press buttons for all the people that is in the elevator.

If you’re carrying a heavy package or bag, put it on or close to the floor directly to your feet. The bag or the package will be smaller between your feet than it would take up on the side of your body.

In the event of an elevator being crowded in a crowded elevator, the person closest to the door is the first to exit regardless of age.

If there are several people waiting to get off, two people in the front need to get out in order to let others to go out. Anyone who steps out may hold the doors shut by their hands before they enter the elevator.